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web design lie detectorCasey: We are so excited about a new service we’ve just rolled out. It’s called Growth Driven Design. It’s a web design approach that has some really unique advantages over traditional web design. And to help us demonstrate our confidence in Growth Driven Design, we’re submitting Matt to a lie detector test.

Matt: Wait. What?

Jerry: Matt, come on, have a seat right over here.

Casey: Matt, you’ve met Jerry. He’s the owner of Thomas Polygraph Services. Jerry, are we all set?

Jerry: We’re set.

Casey: All right. Matt, is it true that websites built using Growth Driven Design can stay relevant indefinitely, because they are being constantly updated to align with trends and needs of its industry?

Matt: Yes.

Casey: Would you say that marketing efforts of the website tend to be more effective because they’re being tested and updated regularly?

Matt: Yes, I would say that.

Casey: And because the initial version of this site includes the essential 20% of the items that are going to result in 80% of the impact, does that mean it’ll get launched quicker than a traditional website?

Matt: Yes. Yes, it will get launched quicker, sometimes like a month quicker.

Casey: Matt, I know you’ve been involved with web design for a long time; do you admit that you relied on guesswork and assumptions rather than the data and analytics?

Matt: Yes. Yes, I would say that.

Casey: Would you advise minimizing risk by lowering up-front costs through Growth Driven Design?

Matt: Yes. Yes, I would.

Casey: Now, with Growth Driven Design, are you able to increase conversions and reduce bounce rates due to regular improvements being made to the site?

Matt: Yes.

Casey: Matt, one last question. Last Tuesday, I had half a calzone left in the break room fridge from Tony’s Deli and it went missing, it disappeared; do you know anything about that?

Matt: Yeah. Oh, hey, thanks for all your help, Jerry. This is good. Hey, how do you get the…

Casey: Not cool, bro. Not cool.