healthcare marketing examplesWhat are you doing to increase customer engagement and ranking? Prospects demand your presence online, need information and want variety. Video, infographics and blogging are proven ways to get attention for all stages of lead nurturing. As more consumers like to research prior to contact, give them the answers to make it onto their shortlist. These three examples show how established techniques can be used in the healthcare industry.

You Have Us

The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute provides a series of web videos that demonstrate their state-of-the-art facilities as well as their approach to cancer treatment. They have a supportive slogan, “Right now you may have cancer. But what your cancer doesn’t know is—You Have Us.” This is followed with a series of web videos providing support to those dealing with cancer. The cancer center builds trust with their audience through sharing videos via social media, and traditional marketing channels.

Videos are an important strategy to consider for B2B Healthcare businesses. If social media is part of your strategy, videos on Facebook are prioritized and pushed to more of your circle. Videos can be evergreen and uploaded to various marketing channels and incorporated into direct emails and newsletters. Develop testimonial videos for an even greater impact on prospects.  When posted to your website, they sell for you and establish a connection with your brand 24/7. Remember that people respond to other humans and videos are capable of tapping into the emotions in a way that static content simply cannot do.


Banner Health posts infographics, such as flu myths and sugar content, on a regular basis. Infographics serve as an attention-grabber for new prospects and educate customers along the buyer’s journey. They are insightful and easy for your healthcare audience to digest.

Visual content is hot with a digital marketing audience. Infographics simplify complex ideas. They are shared quickly online and are able to grab the attention of individuals who may not have the time to read a blog post.

Sharing Mayo Clinic Blog

Patients from around the world seek treatment at the Mayo Clinic. The clinic has created an online community in their Sharing Mayo Clinic blog that delivers stories from family members, patients and staff. The community and source of inspirations helps Mayo Clinic establish their reputation in the healthcare industry.

Blogging is an important way to keep your website fresh, connect with your audience and improve your ranking. If you do nothing else, blog. Consistent blogging demonstrates your company’s activity, shows readers that you understand what they need and builds trust with your customer base. Who can you have contribute? Your CEO, staff, and loyal customers of your healthcare business are good places to find rich content for your blogging efforts.

What is Your Healthcare Marketing Strategy?

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