These are the SIX Klaviyo Automations that we put in place for every e-commerce client at Gravity Digital. Klaviyo is a marketing platform that connects beautifully with Shopify and makes magical things happen, but if you’re using another platform, these automations will still work.

#1 The Welcome Series

We say it all the time – the money is in the list. We like to see our clients generating at least 20% of their revenue just from their email list. But for that to work, you need to be growing your list.

This client saw an additional $100K in the last year JUST from the Welcome Series!

The best way to grow your list is to provide a small incentive with a welcome series. It usually starts with a modest discount offer just for subscribing, and then you deliver the discount code in their first email.

The cool thing is, when people join the list and get the code, they often buy something right away. In fact, our clients usually make about $23 for every person that opts-in to this series. And it’s just the beginning!

Keep in mind as you’re selecting your discount that people usually value their email address at about $14, so that’s a good guideline for the amount of value you should be offering at a minimum.

#2 Abandoned Cart

You’re leaving money on the table if you’re not using an abandoned cart series. It works like this: a person is on your site, they’ve added a product to their cart, but for whatever reason they don’t complete checkout. With Shopify and Klaviyo integrated (among other solutions), you can email these people to remind them to buy the product you already know they like!

BONUS PRO TIP: The first email you send is just a reminder, but if they don’t buy from that email, you can send a second follow up email offering a discount on the item in their cart. It converts. Trust us. If you want to take it a step further, you can follow up with a “Flash Sale” for the item in their cart to build a little urgency.

The abandoned cart series should be boosting your overall revenue by at least 3% once implemented. Our clients are typically seeing tens of thousands of dollars in additional revenue each month from the welcome series and abandoned cart alone!

#3 Indoctrination Series

This one is all about connecting with your customers and building your brand. It allows you to tell them a story and connect in a more meaningful way that just asking them to buy stuff.

PRO TIP: Ask for a reply in this email. It not only make it more personal, but it’s great for your sending reputation with your email provider as well.

#4 Post-Purchase Series

The post purchase series is great for utilizing all of your upsells, cross-sells, and products that are related to the ones your customer has already bought. Once you’ve made that initial sale you have some powerful information – you know what they like! Help guide them to other products they might like as well.

Set up as many of these automations as you can think of products that go well together. Klaviyo has some really smart logic to make the experience make a lot of sense for your customer.

The cool thing is, once you have these in place, they will continue to sell for you forever. You’ll want to keep updating and optimizing this series as you release new products and think of other logical sales combos.

#5 Browse Abandonment

Browse abandonment is similar to the abandoned cart series, except that these emails will be triggered if someone is just browsing a particular product on your site, not necessarily adding it to their cart. Obviously, it doesn’t show the same level of intent as abandoned cart, so you’ll want to set that one up first as it’s the lower hanging fruit – but – this can still remind your customers of that thing they like that they were looking at on your site.

One caveat to browse abandonment is that the person browsing your site has to already have a profile for these emails to be triggered.

PRO TIP: Add a little urgency to these emails whenever you can. Are you running low on inventory? Is it a limited time product? Is there another reason your customer should not wait and buy now?

#6 Sunset Cleaning

Every list has unengaged contacts. Your goal with this series is to get them to either re-engage or unsubscribe.

You heard that right… unsubscribe.

You want a clean list and a clean sending reputation so you don’t end up in the junk folder. As long as you have a clean list and a good sending reputation – you can (and should) keep sending emails until you stop making money. The sunset cleaning automation will help with that.

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