Since we’ve all been in lockdown from COVID-19, our family has experienced an eye infection and several days of migraines.

So, what did we do?

We talked to our doctor for 15 minutes over a Zoom call, she prescribed some meds… and zip, bam, boom… done.

It was great.

When this crisis is all over and we can emerge back into the World, there’s no doubt in my mind that our family will still take the telemedicine option when available.

Our eyes have been opened.

But what does that mean for the healthcare industry?

Telemedicine is not that new; there were 800,000 telemedicine visits 5 years ago in 2015.

While most of us were aware telemedicine existed, our exposure to telemedicine (and tele-everything) has increased dramatically in the last couple of months.

Americans will likely discover how much they prefer meeting their doctor in their living rooms as opposed to driving to a physical location and sitting in a waiting area (especially now that we’re all germophobic).

Doctors should be on board too, as they can provide a superior patient experience and enjoy significant cost savings.

But what about other businesses?

People have become accustomed to buying things online that they never had before.


They’ve started to enjoy the convenience of picking up groceries or food from a restaurant at curbside or delivery.

Some businesses have discovered that this remote-work thing could have long term benefits.

And what about marketing?

It’s taboo right now to run ads with images or videos of groups of people together, but how has our American psychology changed because of this crisis?

What marketing messages that worked before will now fall flat or even leave a bad taste?

Here is the caution:

Just because the day may be soon approaching when we all can return to the way things were, it doesn’t mean we should. Your customers may not have the same expectations they did just a few short months ago.

They’ve had life changes.

They’ve had new experiences.

They’ve been forced out of their comfort zones and discovered new things about themselves.

When this is over, don’t talk to them like nothing happened.

Meet them in their new expectation.

Telemedicine is one of those things that is the new normal. That snowball has started rolling and is not likely to stop.

Get used to online everything both as a consumer and in your own business.

There will be more remote workers.

What about your business?

How have you changed?

What will you hold on to and what will you let go of?