Medical Practice Marketing

We help new patients find your medical practice online.

Shared Accountability

Get the marketing off your plate and measure the pulse of your practice’s online efforts using metrics that matter.

Check the big boxes

Close up shop each day knowing your digital bases are covered.

Look Professional Online

Be confident your online marketing activities are tied together in a meaningful way.

What’s included?

Have a Google-friendly website

SEO is king in online marketing. It’s a challenge to optimize your site and keep an eye the changes Google (and others) makes to its algorithms. Are you focusing on the right keywords? Do you have enough content? Gravity Digital keeps up with these changes and executes a strategy to help medical practices be found through search. With the addition of fresh content, fixes for technical issues, as well as verification with Google, your site can rise to the top of search results where it belongs. Read more about our Search Engine Optimization services.


77% of prospective patients are searching online for healthcare, so maintaining a positive online reputation is critical. Gravity Digital monitors online reviews on dozens of websites to help you build patient trust. Whether they’re healthcare specific sites like Vitals, docSpot and or sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp we will notify you of new reviews. When appropriate, practices can make service recovery efforts. This allows doctors to focus on providing the best patient care while protecting their good name on the web.


Doctors and practices often overlook an important element of their online presence: accurate and consistent office information. Patients look to digital services for facts about practices, so it’s crucial for that information to be accurate and in-sync. From basic information like doctors’ names, addresses, and phone numbers to more advanced information like hours, services and marketing messages, we can literally put your practice on the map. Our service also provides near-instant changes across 70+ listings. This helps doctors drive more traffic and convert searchers into patients.

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Social Media Ads and Paid Search Ads are a consistent, reliable way to drive qualified traffic to physician websites.

The average person spends 50 minutes a day on Facebook (NY Times). Social media platforms have become the most powerful way to target your audience and find new customers, and Gravity Digital helps you reach as many people as possible by running advertisements on these networks. We balance creative ideas with a methodical approach by testing images, headlines, demographics, geographic areas and more. The overall goal is optimizing your ads to generate maximum clicks at minimum cost. Learn more about Social Media Advertising.

Paid search is where you really begin to see just how powerful digital marketing really is. We test keywords, ad text, and headlines to attract qualified visitors to medical practice websites. Our goal is to increase clicks and decrease cost-per-click over time, maximizing your budget and attracting new patients. See our Paid Search Advertising services.

Compliant Conversions

Doctors and practice managers work hard to be HIPAA compliant, and it’s crucial that your forms and marketing communications are too. Protected Health Information (PHI) is something we take very seriously, so we ensure your online forms are fully compliant. Whether it’s web forms or PDF forms, we can ensure they are delivered to secure email, online storage, servers, and databases.

Want to do more?

Once you’ve checked the big boxes, doctors and practices that are serious about growing and generating new patients may want to magnify their brand increase visibility.

Create Compelling Content

doctor marketing contentIt’s important to both consumers and search engines alike that your site has compelling, relevant content that provides value. After nearly two decades in the marketing industry, Gravity Digital makes you a valuable resource by creating content that informs, helps, and often entertains your patients. From blog articles to downloadable resources, quality content drives attracts visitors from the search engines, social media, email , and more. Read more about Healthcare Content Creation.

Manage Your Reputation

A good reputation starts with top-notch patient experience. Gravity Digital implements digital surveys to help you learn from your patients and spot patient experience issues. We work to identify satisfied patients with a positive experience and give them the opportunity to engage with your practice by providing a review or rating on public websites.

Growth-Driven Web Design

websites for doctorsThe old way of building websites is dead. Does this sound familiar? As a doctor, you spend a lot of money on a new website. You launch it. And then… it sits there and gathers digital dust until it gets “old” and you have to build a new site. With Growth Driven Design, websites launch quicker, practices don’t pay for features that patients and visitors aren’t using, and doctors and marketing teams stay on the same page.

Engage with Email

Email remains a very powerful marketing tool, but it is maximized when you send the right message to the right person at the right time. Through list segmentation and automation, we can take your content and do exactly that, efficiently and accurately.

Get Creative

creative doctor marketingVideos, podcasts, and other creative elements are a great way to attract prospective patients and engage your current patients. In fact, video content is predicted to grow by 14x to comprise 70% of mobile network traffic by 2020. Our Addy award winning team knows how to make an emotional connection with your audience. Read more about getting creative in healthcare.

Scale Your Ad Campaigns

If you are a practice with multiple specialties, and different types of ideal patients, consider running additional social media and paid search campaigns to reach a larger audience and generate more patients.

Advanced Reporting

Tracking your progress is essential to a successful marketing strategy, so we provide standard reports for all of our doctors and practices. But, if you really want to drill down on new patient sources and ROI, we offer an advanced reporting add-on which includes call tracking, ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) to give practices additional insights.