When it comes to marketing and advertising, if you can’t write copy, you ain’t got nuthin!

Was that good copy?

Probably not. Let’s learn a little more together about what makes good copy and look at some examples of GREAT copy.

First, let’s look at some ground rules of what makes great copy. For that, we’ll turn to Dave Gerhardt, who posted his “10 Laws of Copywriting”:

These are excellent guidelines. Dave is always posting helpful marketing stuff, so if you don’t already follow him, you should go and do that now.

Just in case you want to copy and paste these, here are the 10 Laws:

  1. Learn how people make decisions
  2. Find the selfish Benefit (what’s in it for me?)
  3. Learn to tell a great story
  4. Write like you talk
  5. Use customer’s words
  6. Write choppy copy
  7. Be specific
  8. Nail the headline
  9. Always give proof
  10. Address objections up front

OK, so now that we have the rules in place, let’s look at some examples.


It was the 90’s, and every computer was a giant beige monstrosity. When Apple released their first iMac computers, they wanted to appeal to a more youthful, creative crowd. So they did this…

3 words of copy… nailed it. They knew who they were selling to and it worked!


In this ad, Porsche needed just nine words to tell a story.

Now, they could have used that space to give you some engine specs or tell you about some cool feature, but instead, Porsche wisely decided to have you imagine yourself cruising down some backroad without a map or a care in the World… and looking good doing it.

Crispin Porter Bogusky

Another great storytelling example from famed agency Crispin Porter Bogusky.

One of these images elicits an emotional response and the other just tells you what the guy wants. Which hitchhiker would you pick up?

Don’t pick up hitchhikers.

Some Department of Safety or Transportation

Why is this government department writing copy that is wittier than most businesses?

Some Brilliant Dentist

granted… this copy had a little help from a designer and a great concept, but man, is this good or what? Be honest, did it get you?

We definitely didn’t see the eyebrow until we read the copy. The design grabbed the attention, but the copy drove home the message.


Great copy works on billboards too. Tachus is a fiber internet service provider. The town where this photo was taken had really bad options for internet service before they came in, so this message felt heaven-sent to the residents there. It’s about truly understanding the audience. I would imagine Tachus spent some time talking to real customers, reading competitor reviews, and then they found the simplest way to communicate their value.

J Peterman

Seinfeld fans just got excited.

Did you know he’s a real guywith a real catalogue and real products?!

And yes, the copy in the catalogue is just like John O’Hurley’s character on the show.

I actually bought a Peterman product just so I could get the catalogues. They’re that good.

J Peterman turns product features into a story. A story where you can imagine yourself as the main character on some exotic adventure. Even the most boring, mundane details sound exciting.


You expect to find great copy on sales pages and ads, but you can carry it through all the way to more unexpected places… like this opt-in form on the poo-pourri website. It carries the personality of the brand, it’s short and sweet, and a really nice touch where most people just phone it in.

More Poo-Pourri

Another great example from the Poo-Pourri website, they even carry the “scent” of their copy (pun intended) to the FAQ page. The brand reaches every corner of the website.

The Economist

Well played. The implication here is strong. Much more effective than “Read the Economist and Succeed in Business”


This is a great way to handle objections up front. They may have Maria on staff, but she’s not going to pressure you into membership. Friends fans know what I’m talking about.


If you’re a parent, you’ve had that moment where your kid has drawn something or intros case, made something from legos, and proudly brought it to you for approval. The question you want to ask is… “What is it?”

Lego has answered that question for you and made a powerful brand connection as well.

Hopefully Dave’s Laws and these examples have inspired you to whip up some copy for your business. One headline can literally be a game changer.

But maybe you came here because you need some advice that’s really going to make a difference. We’re talking doubling your revenue. Great copy, in the right place, can do that.

We happen to put our copy in video scripts.

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