healthcare marketing and contentContent makes or breaks your online visibility. The state of your website and the benefits of your healthcare businesses services or products do not really matter when it is buried on page 7 during a related search. You need quality content to get eyes on your website. These top 3 healthcare marketing strategies increase your content’s visibility, build brand awareness and establish you as a healthcare authority.


A keyword phrase that is three words or more is the way to go to tailor your content to a specific to a target audience. This is a “long-tail keyword” and has the potential of increasing article visits by the thousands and can put you on page 1 of search results. The keyword phrase should be popular but not have much competition, be resource-based and part of natural speech. It will be difficult to incorporate inorganic phrasing in article content and Google bots are well aware of what content sounds natural. In general, your article written using the long-tail keyword with actually receive more visits monthly that shown in your analytics due to searches associated to the chosen phrase.

Long-form Content

Long-form content is generally 2,000 words and up and offers the opportunity to provide depth or breadth on a topic. You can generally include a number of specific keywords that will keep your content readily available for a variety of searches about the topic. Your article can leap from position #30 to #5 with careful keyword incorporation in the long-form content format. Google has a thing for “long-form” content. Content written at that scale is seen as a valuable resource for the audience.

Inbound Links

Write and promote content worth sharing. Inbound links coming from authoritative sites will provide additional traffic sources to your article and improve your healthcare website’s overall authority. Inbound links give your article more juice and will raise your profile in search engines. There is no easy way to get quality links. Write content that is helpful in your healthcare niche, and promote it to your circle and journalists that typically generate content in that specific area. You must build a basic relationship with thought leaders and targeted journalists before sending off your content. Be helpful and approachable to win them over. HARO and Twitter are two platforms to use to begin building the connections you need. Remember: quality content is always needed.

Healthcare Marketing Uncovers Gems and Tailors Content

Your loyal customers are typically generous with feedback when asked directly. In addition, review customer service issues to identify new areas to improve your content generation efforts. The use of the long-tail keyword, long-form content and inbound links will generate a growing audience that craves your content. Healthcare businesses are in the perfect position to provide valuable, quality content to healthcare industry and wellness verticals. Share your latest content strategy updates below or tweet us @gravitydigitalk today.