Ain’t Easy

So how do you get eyeballs on your stuff AND lower ad costs?

It used to be enough just to have a great product. All you had to do was say “Hey, check out this great product. Done.

Now, people have options. Too many options. They’re tired of all the options. That means you have a lot of competitors, which makes and makes it harder to stand out.

It’s all about engagement,


You got to sell em how they want to be sold.

Tell em how good you are and give them all the
feel-goods at the same time.
How do they want to be sold?  

Video Baby!

hide the value you offer within little bundles of pixelated giggles (or tears).

Just like the Hokey-Pokey ~ that’s what it’s all about.



to do this right, you need writers, funny people, actors, strategists, cinematographers
(that’s right, cinematographers), directors, and editors.

You’re not some big-shot Hollywood Producer,
how are you going to come up with all that?

The answer: These guys

This is

Gravity Digital 

Your Secret Weapon for


Stuff-Selling videos.

You can put this stuff on Facebook, Instagram, Streaming Services like Hulu,
and even Tik-Tok. That’s right, Tik-Tok. 



First, we set up a meeting to get to know you and find out what makes you special.

You can set up that meeting right here <link>, right now. 

Next, if we’re all feeling good, we’ll do a writer’s retreat. Our team of writers, comedians, and strategists will meet with you, come up with a plan and then start creating magical words about your favorite topic – you Then, our production team will take the magical words and hire the right cast and crew to make the vision a reality.  After that we’ll shoot the thing! Set up the lights, roll the cameras, and hold on to your britches.

 Then, VFX, editing, sound design

And finally… LAUNCH!

Want to see all this in action? Here’s a peek at the process.

But it all starts with 

that  first chat.

It’s like that first cup of coffee with a new guy or gal. Let’s see if we have a good time and want to go out again.

Hit us up right here… 

Let’s Get Started!

Talk to you soon Amigo