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But, if like the title of the article suggests, you’re here because you want to watch commercials that make you feel the deep things… well, we’ve got that for you too. Here’s a quick list of things that always makes me cry in commercials, which you may or may not see in this article:

  • Real people trying not to cry
  • Pets
  • Soldiers coming home
  • Goodbye’s
  • Courage
  • Sacrifice
  • Sarah Mclachlan Music


Are you reaching your potential? Your calling is calling.

This commercial might make you cry if you feel like you’re in a dead end job. Or maybe you feel more like the stork and you’ve raised a child or mentored someone to see them waste their potential. But even if it doesn’t make you cry, it is certainly thought provoking.


Not a feature or benefit in sight. They didn’t tell me that Dove soap moisturizes, or that is smells good, or that I can get it on a rope. But they did make us all feel some kind of way.

We use this ad in workshops with clients to show how powerful it can be when you put the customer front and center as the hero. Find the places where you have shared values and then they will listen to what you have to say.

Proctor & Gamble

It takes someone strong to make someone strong.

Everyone has that person in their life… your dad, a teacher, a mentor… you know, someone that believes in you and makes you believe in yourself. Most often, though, It’s Mom. P&G creates new variations of this commercial every time the Olympics come around. These commercials make us want to be the best we can be, they make us want to call our mom. Do you need a tissue yet?


A best friend for life’s journey. Wait… the dog? Or the Chevy? Yes.

Pets are obviously a great way to create an emotional connection. Not in an evil way like those Sarah McLachlan commercials (jk), but in this kind of nostalgic, bittersweet way that Chevy found.

Extra Gum

Sometimes the little things last the longest.

As a dad, no matter how many times I watch this, I tear up. This is a series of commercials by Extra Gum that is so smart. They don’t try to sell you on flavor or ingredients or anything like that. They go deep by reminding us of the experience of sharing gum with someone we love. Do you have someone in your life that always had a certain kind of gum? And now, when you smell or taste that gum does it make you think of that person?


That Stevie Nicks can sing a sad song, can’t she? Beyond that, Budweiser uses their iconic Clydesdales to pull those strings and maybe make us want to raise a glass with friends.

TAC Victoria

Most of us are trying to sell stuff with our commercials, TAC is actually trying to save lives in this very effective campaign. Here we see real people experiencing real pain. As humans, that should resonate with us. It would feel icky to do this kind of thing for profit – but it works here. Great use of music as well.

Chevy (Again)

I love the journey that Chevy takes us on in this commercial. We’ve all felt loss – and this Dad and son meet us there. We might start crying at this point thinking of the people in our lives we love the most. But then – the music changes and hope enters the scene. Chevy tastefully connects with a shared value. People who drive Chevys can get stuff done. We can take care of mom’s roses. We can remember her. We can carry on. We can… Find New Roads. Brilliant.

Go hug your mom.

hug your kids.

hug your pet.

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