Client Success Manager

Who we are:

We are Gravity Digital. We’ve been around for over 20 years but still operate as a small, boutique agency that provides a very high touch for our clients. In fact, up to this point, clients have dealt primarily with our founder.

We are a video-first ad agency that serves a diverse client base that includes local businesses, e-commerce brands, healthcare practices, and more.

We like to have fun. We enjoy our work and working together, and that shows in our results. Humor is a main ingredient in the video ads we produce and our day-to-day working experience.

What we’re looking for:

We need a new Client Success Manager! This is a work-from-home position, but we do meet in person a few times each month.

We value people above all else – which has led to very lengthy client relationships. Our clients expect high-quality creative and complete transparency in reporting.

While this is not a sales position, the Client Success Manager will be on the front line for communicating the value that clients have received from our services and also leading conversations with clients on moving into new services with Gravity Digital.

The ideal candidate:

  • Ad Platforms: The candidate should be familiar with both the Google and Facebook/Instagram ad platforms. While you will not be responsible for running ads, you will need to be able to effectively communicate the results of ad campaigns and explain high-level strategies being implemented.
  • Client Management: The core of your job is relationship building. You need to be a person that cares deeply about helping make other people successful. That means managing expectations, being clear in your communication, and being willing to coach clients. You also need to be comfortable with challenging conversations and have the ability to diffuse tense situations and the foresight to navigate around potential pitfalls.
  • Strategy: The client manager is the key to the campaign’s success! Your job is to learn about the client, understand who they are, what they sell, who they sell to, etc. While you aren’t running the ad campaigns, you need to know enough to assist in driving strategy with the ad managers and creatives on our team. You are the client’s advocate to achieve their goals with the resources we have available.

Successful personality profile:

Motivated by competition and results. You are likely a skilled, pragmatic enforcer whose focus on achievement and success can help those around you accomplish goals. You speak directly and make decisions quickly. You like to take charge in a situation and explore worthwhile, effective solutions. Your determination and confidence make you a strong leader.

Important personality traits:  

  • Persuasive but not Pushy
  • Assertive but able to listen and adjust
  • Confident but not arrogant
  • Direct but not rude
  • You need to be able to laugh

What energizes you:

  • Ambitious goals – for yourself and others
  • Challenges
  • Professional growth
  • Competition & winning

Make sure you’re comfortable with:

  • This is a remote position. You must be prepared and experienced with working from home.
  • All candidates must have access to a stable internet connection and a quiet/professional place for phone and Zoom video calls.
  • All job offers start with a 90-day trial to make sure that we’re the right fit for each other.

Our values:

  • Relationships First
    This is our biggest value and encompasses the way we work with each other and our clients. It means that we may turn away potential clients if we don’t feel the relationship will be fruitful. Relationship supersedes profits. Putting the relationship first means that:
      • We encourage individual ability and creativity
      • We treat everyone with respect
      • We want others on our team to win
      • We are transparent with our words and motives
      • We have a servant mindset
  • Attention to Detail
    We feel that the best companies nail the details. Disney and Apple are prime examples. Small details can make or break a project or piece of content. We will strive for perfection in every effort.
  • Have Something to Say
    We value having something to say. This means that we will be original, thoughtful, and intentional in our work. We will approach each project with creativity, imagination, and vision. Substance and clarity are essential! Put some soul into it! Our communication must be straightforward, simple, and easy to read without sacrificing substance.
  • Perspective: Work/Life Balance
    We will have full lives, where our work does not hinder our personal lives and vice versa. We will support and encourage each other to succeed both at work, at home, and out having adventures.
  • Make People Happy
    The result of every effort that we undertake should be that we’ve made someone happy in some way. Our content will make people happy, we will make our clients happy with results, and by being easy to work with, and will approach our jobs with a spirit of fun or “professional lightheartedness”.

To apply:

If you’re interested, please use the form below to submit the following:

  • Your resume (as a PDF)
  • A video (preferred) or paragraph with:
    • Details of your client management & experience with ads
    • Tell us a book you like and why
    • Tell us who one or two of your personal heroes are and why