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Marketing charlatans are damaging your brand!

I had conversations with a number of chiropractors today, and the while the story was fresh for them, I’ve heard it many times before.

Chiropractors running low-cost new patient specials on Facebook tell me the same thing:

  1. The “no show” rate for these appointments is very high.
  2. These patients don’t typically come back.


First, these low-dollar new patient specials leave the patient with very little skin in the game. When life gets busy, it’s easy to skip out on an appointment that was going to cost less than $50. If they didn’t show up, did they really believe in the treatment? 

Second, many patients feel duped when their first appointment was less than $50 and they are presented with a care plan that may cost several thousand dollars. It’s a tough way to build trust and confidence.

So, how can you build trust and confidence? 

Three things:

  1. Use video-based Facebook ads with real patients and allow them to tell their stories and how you’ve helped them. Also create videos providing tips – give helpful information to start building trust. 
  2. Personalize your marketing. Don’t talk about your services and treatment options. Keep your marketing centered around your patients and talk about their pain, symptoms, and health goals. 
  3. Leverage these videos to begin conversation. Conversation takes on many different looks: Facebook Comments, Phone Calls, Contact Forms, Emails, and Consultations.

Here are a few samples of patient-based testimonials we’ve created for some of our clients:





And here are a few tip-based videos that have a ‘help first’ approach:





Are you looking for where to go next?

As you start to look into video and personalization, you need to understand that your patient is the hero in your marketing.

If the idea of creating video is daunting, schedule a time to talk about how we create video and leverage those videos in Facebook campaigns.