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Case Studies


Gravity Digital was hired by this apparel company to help launch its new brand. Using our our 7-Figure Process, our team implemented Email, Ads, and more to help them reach $55,000 in monthly sales in just 5 months.

  • Google ROAS: 7.12
  • Meta ROAS: 9.67
  • Email: 27% of Revenue
  • Revenue: $55,000 per month

Welding Supplies

Gravity Digital partnered with this already successful welding supply company. They felt a lack of strategy had plateaued their growth. Using our our 7-Figure Process, we found tens of thousands of dollars sitting on the table, implemented new Ads and Email, and scaled their store to over $4 Million per year. 

  • Google ROAS: 13.9
  • Meta ROAS: 8.6
  • Email: 21% of Revenue
  • Revenue: $4 Million per year

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