Sure, marketing is important. It’s hard to get customers if they don’t know about you.


Marketing can only magnify your existing business. That is, if you currently have an average 3-star rating on Google, investing in marketing will only get you more… 3-star reviews.

On the flip side, if you have a happy team serving happy customers with an exceptional product or service, you’ll find that a lot of “marketing” will happen on its own.

The clients that we’ve had the most success with are so focused on being the best at what they do, they honestly don’t have time to keep up with marketing trends and technology.

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So, just to get the ball rolling, here are 20 things that deserve your time more than marketing. This is the tip of the iceberg.

  1. Make your product or service better
  2. Create a better customer experience
  3. Find ways to become more efficient
  4. Improve employee happiness/satisfaction
  5. Put out fires
  6. Find ways to have fewer fires
  7. Discover new partnerships
  8. Educate for yourself
  9. Educate your team
  10. Research and development
  11. Community service
  12. Attend a conference
  13. Host a conference
  14. Slow down, give yourself space to be inspired
  15. Reconnect with why you started
  16. Be a mentor
  17. Find a mentor
  18. Create a braintrust
  19. Ask for honest feedback from your team
  20. Ask for honest feedback from your customers

Marketing is not magic. It can give people a great first impression and get them excited about your brand, it can keep people engaged and help increase lifetime value, but only if you’re delivering the goods.

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